Math and Physics Club - Weekends Away EP

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was introduced to Math & Physics Club when I went to Singapore for the Camera Obscura concert. I was waiting in line for the autograph session (I wanted to buy Let's Get Out of This Country but didn't want to lose my place in the line, so I was glad I brought my copy of Underachievers Please Try Harder) and this girl in front of me in the line just asked if I wanted to listen to Camera Obscura on her iPod with her. So we shared half of an earphone each, listened to Camera Obscura and made friends. Then she let me see her other music and she became the first person I know who also loves The Innocence Mission! And she played Math and Physics Club's "Weekends Away" for me and it was so beautiful. They sound like The Smiths, only more upbeat. Or Belle and Sebastian's Tigermilk. Yum. I looked it up the moment I came back to KL!

(Btw, Jiin, the girl who introduced Math & Physics Club to me, held my place in the line so I could finally get a copy of Let's Get Out of This Country! I did the same for her afterwards. Now, I just need to find a copy of My Maudlin Career...)

track#01 - Weekends Away
track#02 - Sixteen and Pretty
track#03 - Love, Again
track#04 - When We Get Famous


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