Murder Mystery

Friday, July 30, 2010

“Murder Mystery is a pop band with a soul and a brain, expert at turning out catchy, hard-rocking, intelligent music...the band's propulsive grooves reference everything from doo-wop to new wave, smoothly melded into their own unique style.” – The Village Voice

Led by singer/guitarist Jeremy Coleman and his drumming sister Laura, Murder Mystery first found Internet acclaim with their synth-pop single “Love Astronaut,” which cracked Hype Machine's Top Downloads list and inspired numerous fan videos. Now they're building on that foundation with a pair of new singles, “I Am (If You Are)” [sung by Laura] and “Change My Mind” [sung by Jeremy], that continue where "Love Astronaut" left off -- surrounding catchy melodies with bouncy synths and as many guitar and bass hooks as you can cram into 2:30.

Joining the Colemans in the band are multi-instrumentalist friends Graham Roberts (gtr, keyboard, vox, cello) and Adam Fels (bass, gtr). As would be expected from a group of old friends and family, Murder Mystery’s members share a unique chemistry that extends from the studio to the stage, where they’re currently Moonwalking their way into the hearts of New York audiences. Live, Laura steps out from behind the drums to sing and dance as Jeremy sits down to rock the drums behind her. Adam puts down his bass to shred on guitar, Graham plays multiple instruments in one song, and all is done with a smile and a lack of pretension.

In the past year or so they’ve shared their brand of onstage charisma with such acts as Los Campesinos!, Girl Talk, The Wrens, The Antlers, Art Brut and of course, The RZA.

Okay, so I got an e-mail about Murder Mystery but haven't really had the time to check them out until tonight (I'm supposed to be busy packing to go to Singapore, hence the procrastinating and doing other things instead) and I'm really liking their songs. This band is one that will definitely be included in some of my future mix-cds and listed in my zine. My favourite thing about them (besides their music of course)? Their band name is from one of my fav Velvet Underground songs. What's not to like about that? (^_^)

Edit: Apparently I've put up the wrong band bio earlier. (Thanks Adam for the heads up) That should teach me not to make blog posts when I'm half-asleep and anxious about my packing! (0_o) So, the bio has been changed to the correct one.

♥ Change My Mind [mp3]
♥ I Am (If You Are) [mp3]


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