Heavenly - Le Jardin de Heavenly

Monday, October 22, 2012

Heavenly is the band that led me to Sarah Records (I was in love with their P.U.N.K. Girl EP), and still my very favourite Sarah band. Le Jardin de Heavenly is their second album, and most of the time it's my favourite Heavenly album. The original Sarah release (Sarah 610) only has eight tracks; the re-release by K Records included "So Little Deserve" and "I'm Not Scared of You" (Sarah 051). My favourite songs here are "So Little Deserve" and "C is the Heavenly Option", which has Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson singing together with Amelia Fletcher.

01. Starshy
02. Tool
03. Orange Corduroy Dress
04. Different Day
05. C is the Heavenly Option
06. Smile
07. And the Birds Aren't Singing
08. Sort of Mine
09. So Little Deserve
10. I'm Not Scared of You

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