J-Live Asia's Showcase 2: flumpool & WEAVER

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To think that I almost decided to pass on this one!

Because the showcase is on the 15th, and I was leaving for Japan on the 19th, I thought that going to Singapore might be a bit too tiring. But Salwa wanted to go, and she isn't that big a fan of flumpool (or a fan at all, come to think of it), so you can pretty much guess how big (and rare) it is for us to get a chance to see good bands here. In the end I decided to go for it, taking the train to Singapore and back the days before and after the concert.

We spent about the entire Saturday - well, from noon onwards - in the line, since it's free seating. Somehow the line felt more unbearable than at ONE OK ROCK's concert, but it's probably because I was more excited then. (^^;) The line was worth it, though, once we got our seats. We were in the second row, right in front of the drums, which were brought to the front of the stage for WEAVER's performance. Throughout flumpool's set, we were mostly right in front of Kazuki. Who happens to be my favourite member, so yay for me! Seriously, though. I never thought I would be able to see them up close like that.

WEAVER's set was awesome, and despite my eagerness to see flumpool, I was actually sad to see them leave. Their English improved a lot since the last time they came, haha. But flumpool - they blew me away, since the first song. They did quite a few of their older songs, which I appreciate, because I'm not quite as caught up to their newer stuff as I'd like to  be. They played a lot of their popular songs, but alas, not one of my absolute favourites - "Zanzou", "Kotoshi no Sakura", and "Harukaze". Not that I was expecting them to, but it would've been nice.

Photos weren't allowed, of course, but during WEAVER's encore they told us those with cameras could take photos of them, so I took a couple on my phone. Wish that flumpool would let us take photos too!


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