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Sunday, August 5, 2012

I don't think I can say anything about this day again, so I'm putting in the entry I wrote on Dreamwidth, with pics I hadn't put in there :D


//Jan 15th, 11:10pm//

I really don't think I can be too coherent about the concert. The set list was pretty much the same as the other recent Domes', except for two extra songs - "T.A.B.O.O." and "Wild At Heart". Oh, and. I celebrated Sho-kun's birthday.

I celebrated Sho-kun's birthday.


That MC was amazing. I don't know why, because one of the reasons I wanted to go on the 15th was because it was close enough to the 25th that there's a chance of a celebration, but since the set list never changed, and everyone kept telling me the dates are too far apart and they never celebrate Sho's birthday, I guess I didn't actually think it would happen. So when Sho was left alone to entertain us (which was already funny/awesome enough) I didn't think of it much, until the announcement came out and started to give Sho instructions to go to the main stage.

His reaction to the other four's version of "T.A.B.O.O." was priceless.

And the video that they made! OMG can anything be more awesome. And I really need to start using new adjectives, I know, but awesome is awesome, okay. MatsuJun was all boxer!hot, Aiba and Nino were hilarious, and Oh-chan so cute. *sighs*

Some Sakumoto and Aimiya and Sakuraiba to make my fangirl heart happy, and the Matsumiya during "Hero" was cute, too. But, but, but - Juntoshi takes my heart ♥ During "A Day in Our Life" Jun sidled up to Ohno and leaned close to sing together, and Ohno motioned for Jun to kiss him on the cheek. *dies* Jun didn't, though, and opened his mouth wide as if to bite off Ohno's cheeks. Haha.

((And, Jun was temporarily my ichiban again during "Shake It!"))

Since it was the final concert, we were hoping for a triple encore, and since tomorrow (today) the first ep of Lucky Seven would be aired, we hoped that "Wild At Heart" would be performed. And it was. And I loved it.

So. Two-versed version of "Furusato". Sakumiya antics. Aimiya antics. "Energy Song" - the audience response to this song was incredible, I think. Sho's birthday. Juntoshi moments.

I'm too tired to stay awake now, but. I really, really, really that this con makes the DVD, or that there would at least be a digest that includes parts of it.


--Also, when I was transferring photos from Salwa's phone to my laptop (not using my camera since the batteries are almost all gone) after the concert, she started to play back a part that she recorded. She just recorded the sound, but she had the entire encore. There was one more girl in the TV room where we were, and she turned towards us and asked, "were you guys at the concert today?" (in Japanese)

We told her yes, and apparently she was, too. She came alone from Korea. Then a couple of other girls came in, a Canadian and Singaporean. This place is like Arashi-central! XD Exchanged contacts on e-mail and/or livejournal with some of them, since we're checking out tomorrow.



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