ONE OK ROCK @ *scape Warehouse, Singapore

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happened to see them when they were out smoking - all but Taka were there.

This is dark and blurry because it's screencapped from a video I took while we were waving them goodbye - that's Taka waving back. The concert felt too short, especially compared to the Yokohama final, but it was just as amazing (as the Yokohama final). We were right at the front, and Taka & Ryota were in front of us a lot of the time - they were SO CLOSE to us okay *_* - and Toru every now and then, and Tomoya at the end. I wish that photography was allowed during the concert, like with the WEAVER live, but the experience of seeing them live so close was more than enough, really. I'm too sleepy.


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